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Explore tips on using your device internationally

Looking for ways to save on your wireless bill while you travel? Find tips to help manage your cost.




How it works

While you’re abroad, you’ll only pay for the days you use your phone in over 210 destinations with International Day Pass®.1 During that time, you can:
  • Use your domestic data plan to email, post on social media, use maps, convert currency, translate languages, book excursions, use mobile tickets, and more.
  • Make unlimited calls back to the U.S., to the country you’re in, and to other countries included in International Day Pass.
  • Send unlimited texts to the world. Texts received are rated as domestic and don’t charge a daily fee.
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How to get the most value

When traveling with your family if everyone is using International Day Pass, one line is $10 a day and any additional lines are charged at 50% off. 

Good to know: If you talk, send a text, or use data in any of the included countries, you’ll be charged $10 per 24 hours and $5 for each additional line on the same account used the same day, unless you remove International Day Pass. When you don’t plan to use your phone, turn off Data Roaming in your device settings.

How to use data, talk, and text internationally

  • To use cellular data, make sure Data Roaming is turned on in your device settings.
  • To call or send a message to the U.S., dial +1 followed by the 10-digit number. The “+” sign usually appears if you press and hold the “0” key on your dial pad.
  • To call or send a message to another country, dial + (country code) followed by the local phone number.
  • Some devices have settings that automatically add the correct prefix or country code when you’re calling numbers in your contacts. For iOS, turn on Dial Assist in your device Settings.
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