Get to know eSIM

Learn about eSIMs and how they work with AT&T.

What is an eSim?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that connects some newer devices to the AT&T network. It is used instead of a SIM card to connect to the AT&T wireless network.


What are some eSIM benefits

An eSIM gives you more flexibility to manage your wireless plan and eSIM-compatible device.

  • You download an eSIM and activate it, so you don’t have to manage a physical SIM card.
  • Some devices with eSIM capabilities can support more than one phone number.


How do I use an eSIM?

Learn how to download an eSIM for your device scenario.

Download an eSIM to a new AT&T device

  • Transferring your number from another provider? Be sure to activate your phone first. Then turn it on and follow the prompts to download your eSIM.
  • Have an existing AT&T number?  Just turn on your new phone and follow the prompts to download your eSIM.

Move my AT&T number to another phone

Ready to move your number to an unlocked phone you purchased somewhere other than AT&T? Here's how:

  1. Start at Bring Your Own Device.
  2. Select Switch the device used on my line.
  3. Follow the prompts to download and activate your eSIM.

AT&T Prepaid®: Want to move your phone number to another device with an eSIM? Call Customer Care at 800.901.9878.