Transfer device upgrade eligibility

Find out how to transfer a device upgrade to another line on your wireless account.

What to know

Is a line on your account eligible for an upgrade? You may be able to transfer that upgrade to another line on the same account. You have to go to an AT&T store or call us to transfer your eligibility.
  • Only the account owner, retail authorized user, or authenticated caller can transfer an upgrade.
  • The transferring and receiving lines must have the same type of device. For example, you can transfer a smartphone upgrade to another line with a smartphone. You can't transfer it to a line with a tablet.

If your smartphone isn’t on an installment plan

When you transfer upgrade eligibility to another line on your account:
  • The line making the transfer must take on any installment terms for the line receiving it
  • You must upgrade the receiving line’s device during the transfer process

If your smartphone is on an installment plan with a balance

Before you can transfer an upgrade, you need to pay off the balance or trade in your phone (if you have an eligible plan).

View and pay off an installment plan

When you transfer your upgrade eligibility, you:
  • Must trade it in from the transferring line within 14 days. Learn more about turn-in requirements
  • Can replace your phone by buying a device outright or bringing your own device
Last updated: January 13, 2023