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Need to return or exchange your new device?

We have two easy ways to get started.

  • Give us a call

    If you bought your device online through an AT&T or non-AT&T store, give us a call. We'll be happy initiate your return or exchange and get you a shipping label. Call 800.331.0500.

  • Head into a store

    If you bought your device online, at an AT&T store, or used the AT&T Right To YouSM delivery service, you can make your return or exchange at any AT&T store.

Here’s how to return or exchange a device

Start the return process

Call Customer Care at 800.331.0500 or head to your closest AT&T store.

Back up your device

Ensure all your photos, videos, and contacts are backed up.

Disable your security features

Be sure to disable the Find my iPhone® (iOS®) or Find my Mobile® (Android®) apps and sign out of any cloud services.

Erase all your personal data

This includes contacts, photos, and videos—as well as all your passwords and user locks.

Remember the extras you want to keep

Also remove any accessories, SIM, or memory cards.

Hit reset

The final step—reset your device to its factory settings.


It’s easy to pack and return your device


1. Pack your device and everything that was included in the original manufacturer’s packaging.
2. Include a copy of the invoice with your return and keep a copy for your records.
3. Make a copy of the USPS prepaid label tracking number.
4. Mail your device via USPS.
5. Track your return at tracking.smartlabel.com.

If the device isn’t in like-new condition, or items are missing, your return or exchange may not be accepted. Please be advised, if it’s not accepted or you cancel your order, we won’t ship the device back to you. We also won’t ship it back if your account’s not eligible for the promo offer. Other conditions and restrictions apply.
Frequently asked questions
  • How do I cancel service?

    Call the number on your invoice or receipt to cancel service. Early termination fees may apply. AT&T will refund any activation fee you might have paid if you cancel service within three days of activation.

    Please note that you may have to return any handsets and accessories purchased with the service before service can be canceled.

  • How do I return my device?

    If your device was purchased at an AT&T retail store, you may return it to any AT&T retail store during the return and exchange period. Restocking and other fees may apply, see the return by device section above.

    If you bought your device online at att.com or by phone from AT&T, you can return the device back to any AT&T retail store during the return and exchange period, or contact us to request a return shipping label. When mailing back your return, be sure to keep your tracking number.  We have provided a step-by-step checklist to help you return above.

  • How do I get my refund for a return?
    Your refund for a return will be made through the original payment method (credit, debit, check, etc.) and may take up to two months.  Any rebates that were part of original purchase will be voided. We may also reduce the amount of refund for restocking fees or shipping charges. For more information about fees that might affect refunds. See return by device above.
  • How can I make an exchange?

    You can exchange equipment once within the applicable return period. See return by device above.

    • If you ordered your new device on the att.com website and need to exchange it for another device, please give us a call at 1.800.331.0500 and a representative will be happy to assist you.
    • If you bought a AT&T Certified Restored device and want to exchange it for a brand-new version of the same device, you will have to pay the price difference between the AT&T Certified Restored and new device.
    • You will be required to sign a new contract under these conditions:
    • The price you paid for the original equipment was a term commitment price.
    • The new equipment has a different Early Termination Fee (ETF) associated with it from the original equipment, e.g., you exchange from a basic phone to a smartphone.

    The new contract term will restart from the date the new agreement is signed. This will be your new Service Commitment date. However, your service activation date (the date you signed your first contract) will not change for any purpose, including, but not limited to, applicable warranty period and calculating any Early Termination Fees (ETF) you may be obligated to pay.

  • What is like-new condition?
    The device must be in like-new condition with no physical or water damage. It must be in manufacturer’s original packaging and include the original components—the device, battery, charger, manual, unopened software, and a copy of the invoice or receipt. If anything is missing or the device is not in like-new condition, your return may not be accepted.