AT&T MicroCell® Terms of Service

AT&T MicroCell is a device that is sold for use with the AT&T Network and is not compatible with other wireless networks. It is not intended for sale or use in homes or areas with strong wireless signal strength. Use in strong coverage areas may interfere with the performance of the MicroCell.  You must be a wireless customer of AT&T with an active postpaid account to activate a MicroCell.  Broadband Internet access service of at least 1.5 Mbps downstream/256 kbps upstream is required. Wireless and Satellite broadband Internet access services are not compatible with the MicroCell.  Voice, text messaging and data usage through the AT&T MicroCell will count against your underlying wireless rate plan and may also be subject to applicable data usage charges from your broadband Internet provider. You may be required to purchase additional hardware or software, pay monthly access and/or per-use charges to your broadband Internet provider to enable all features of your AT&T MicroCell. The maximum coverage of the AT&T MicroCell is approximately 40 linear feet. Actual coverage will be limited by the density of obstructions around the MicroCell as well as nearby cell towers. Wireless devices will automatically select and use the strongest wireless signal available. Calls will transfer to a cell tower if you leave the MicroCell coverage area.  However, calls initiated on a cell tower will not transfer to the AT&T MicroCell.  The AT&T MicroCell is primarily intended for wireless voice communications and does not support services that require high speed data access such as applications that provide location-based services or videostreaming. The AT&T MicroCell is not compatible with Apple iPad™.

Unlimited MicroCell Calling

The AT&T Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature is available for an additional charge.  The AT&T Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature may only be added to accounts with rate plans that include postpaid wireless voice service. The AT&T Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature provides unlimited voice minutes for domestic calls made to the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and Northern Mariana Islands.  The AT&T Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature cannot be used on accounts with Viva Mexico SM and Nation Canada SM calling plans. The AT&T Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature applies only to calls initiated or received while connected to the MicroCell.

E911 Service

911 calls placed over your MicroCell will be routed to the emergency response center responsible for sending first responders (i.e. police, medical assistance or fire) to your location based on the address you provide in your online registration. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU USE YOUR MICROCELL AT A LOCATION DIFFERENT THAN THE ADDRESS YOU PROVIDED AT REGISTRATION, YOUR 911 CALL MAY NOT BE ROUTED TO THE CORRECT FIRST RESPONDER WHICH WILL LIKELY RESULT IN A DELAYED RESPONSE WHEN YOU ATTEMPT TO CONTACT THEM THROUGH THE MICROCELL.  TO ENSURE PROPER ROUTING OF EMERGENCY CALLS THE REGISTERED ADDRESS OF YOUR MICROCELL LOCATION MUST BE ACCURATE AND UP TO DATE. If you move your MicroCell to a new location, you must update your address information immediately. To update your registered address go to and select "Manage Settings". Only 911 calls placed while connected to the MicroCell will send the registered address you provided to first responders. Your MicroCell needs electrical power and broadband Internet service to work. If the MicroCell loses electrical power or broadband Internet service it will not be able to place any calls including emergency calls to 911. 

MicroCell can only be used at an Authorized Location

You can only use your MicroCell where AT&T is authorized to provide wireless service. Additionally, MicroCell operation may be limited to specific places within the AT&T network coverage area. Contact your AT&T representative for specific information on service availability. AT&T will periodically verify the physical location of the MicroCell using GPS satellite and/or cell tower signals. If buildings, landforms or other obstructions block GPS satellite and cell tower wireless signals to the MicroCell, AT&T may not be able to verify the physical location of the MicroCell. If AT&T is unable to verify that the physical location of the MicroCell within an AT&T authorized service area, the MicroCell will be disabled.  Coverage is not available everywhere.  To confirm MicroCell is available in your area, please visit and select “Check Service Area”.


Disputes, Limitation of Liability

Use of the MicroCell device is subject to the Wireless Customer Agreement which is incorporated by reference (including the dispute resolution (Section 2.0) and limitation of liability (Section 4.1) provisions) and can be found at


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