AT&T takes the mobile Internet to Mexico

Leading the revolution... again

AT&T led the mobile Internet revolution in the United States, and today we have the strongest signal on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network.1

We learned a lot as we deployed high-speed mobile data service to nearly the entire country. So we looked for opportunities to help bring the benefits of the mobile Internet to new regions. That search led us to Mexico.

A great climate for growth

Why Mexico? What we see happening in Mexico and what the government has accomplished with the macroeconomic environment and regulatory reforms to encourage foreign investment is impressive. These reforms, together with Mexico’s growing population, growing middle class and growing economy make it an attractive place to invest. Yet the percent of Mexico’s population that has wireless service lags Latin America overall, and smartphone penetration in Mexico is about half that of the United States.

So we acquired Mexican wireless provider Iusacell in January 2015 and expect to close our acquisition of Nextel Mexico in mid-2015. We plan to apply the lessons we’ve learned in the United States as we integrate these operations. We’ll invest to bring next generation high-speed mobile Internet to Mexico and put smartphones into the hands of more Mexican consumers and businesses. And as we do all this, we’ll roll out the first-ever North American Mobile Service area, covering more than 400 million people and businesses across Mexico and the United States.

“We have a terrific opportunity to give even more Mexican citizens next generation high-speed mobile Internet access. And with a single network experience for our customers in both countries, families and friends will be able to stay connected and businesses will be more productive, no matter which side of the border they’re on.” – Thaddeus Arroyo, Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Mexico, LLC

Evolution of smartphone penetration in Mexico

Source: The Competitive Intelligence Unit (

Ramping Mexico's economic growth

Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Update

What does this mean for AT&T? We’re diversifying our revenue base while positioning the company for growth as the mobile Internet takes off in Mexico. ¡Excelente!

1 Reliability and signal strength claims based on nationwide carriers’ LTE. Signal strength claim based ONLY on avg. LTE signal strength. LTE not available everywhere.