How AT&T helped Timex, Qualcomm and Synchronoss create the ultimate runner’s smartwatch

Traveling light, staying connected

One of the hottest trends in fitness is the simple, solitary act of running. Nearly 42 million people run regularly — up 70 percent over the past decade.

Serious runners travel light. But they want to stay connected, too. Now they can do both. The Timex IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ gives runners all the tools they need in a sturdy, full-functioning wearable device that combines sleek looks with wireless connectivity.

The AT&T network provides that connectivity, so runners wearing the IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ can get live tracking, transmit messages without a phone, upload workout data and send SOS “find-me” safety alerts.


The IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ was three years in the making, and it took the expertise of four industry leaders to do it: Timex, Qualcomm, Synchronous and AT&T. Each brought a unique and important contribution to the final product.

“This was not like anything we’d done before. We provided more than just the connectivity – we helped put this product in motion … from collaborating on the user experience to developing the hosting environment that makes the product work, to implementing a unique activation process that’s off the shelf. And, we all worked together to develop a business model that will give this growing, active segment of customers exactly what they want and need.” – Dave Garver, Vice President, Corporate Development

Allies in a unique solution

For the runner, the IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ delivers an unmatched user experience. For AT&T, it’s a case study in how we work in concert with other companies to build a unique customer solution.

"It’s pretty awesome—I don’t think any one of us could’ve done this on our own,” said Sam Martin, Timex Brand Director. “Timex brings the experience and heritage of watchmaking, Qualcomm brings the incredible technology in screen capability, and AT&T delivers the connected platform. Through this great alliance, we ended up with a great product."

Glenn Lurie

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