GigaPower Internet experience is ‘outstanding’ for Austin customer

When AT&T first offered its fastest Internet speeds ever to areas of Austin, Texas in late 2013, Brian Lawrence moved almost as quickly to sign up.

Lawrence and his family enjoy watching online HD video, a notorious data hog. So the promise of super-fast Internet speeds from U‑verse with AT&T GigaPower — and the hope of watching online video without the hiccups of buffering — lured him to the service.

The speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, and the “outstanding” customer service he received, also prompted him to make sure he could get the service when he moved to a new house a few months later.

“I signed up for it right away when I heard about it,” Lawrence said. “I thought it would be best for watching any kind of streaming video. What we had before, well, it was a nightmare.”

The 61-year-old grandfather may not be the “target” audience that some would imagine in Austin, a college town and state capital city with a tech-savvy, trend-setting populace.

While Lawrence doesn’t consider himself a technology expert, now that he’s switched to AT&T GigaPower, he doesn’t want to go back to anything else.

Lawrence was one of the first in Austin to sign on to AT&T GigaPower. Since that time, he said he and his wife have experienced consistently high speeds, and customer service to match.

“Since day one, the customer service has been outstanding,” he said.

“Providing our customers a great experience each and every time is one of our core values at AT&T. So it’s gratifying to hear such great feedback. We know our customers love to do more things faster. And the incredible Internet speeds we’re delivering with AT&T GigaPower are making that possible.” – Carmen Nava, AT&T Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

When Lawrence and his wife decided to move to a nearby neighborhood, he made sure he could get AT&T GigaPower.

“Before we moved, I talked to AT&T and asked if we could still get the GigaPower service in our new home,” he says. “The company really worked with us to get our account transferred to the new house and also keep the service at the old house while we moved. That worked out great.”

“The GigaPower team has bent over backwards to help us,” he said. “We’ve been treated very well.”

Lori Lee

Leadership Insight

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“Whether you use the Internet for email and online shopping, streaming movies, or as an important part of a home business, we offer a wide range of speeds and prices for high-speed Internet. And, our services are provided over our reliable and secure network, backed by best-in-class customer service.”– Lori Lee, Senior Executive Vice President, Home Solutions