AT&T NetBond makes the cloud fast, easy and highly secure

Putting companies in control

Today, companies of all sizes — large enterprises to small neighborhood businesses — agree that cloud services are a necessity. They need quick, safe ways to store and share data with employees and partners. But AT&T realized several years ago that one cloud doesn’t fit all. When we created AT&T NetBond, we gave our customers the keys to our network.

Our customers like the way NetBond puts them in control. They can use the service as an “on ramp” to a leading cloud provider of their choice and adjust the size of the cloud pathway to fit the amount of data they use. And pricing is simple: They don’t need to order extra equipment, and they can save up to 60 percent on networking costs.

“The performance and network-based security of AT&T NetBond will make it much easier for us to adopt cloud services so we can stay ahead of the technology curve for our customers. But what really sets the service apart is the quality of AT&T’s NetBond ecosystem. We’ll be able to connect to top cloud providers like IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce to enable end-to-end interoperability using the strength of AT&T’s network.” – Phuong Tram*, Chief Information Officer, DuPont

The best of both worlds

We closed out 2014 with 12 leading cloud companies in our NetBond ecosystem: IBM, CSC, Microsoft, Equinix, Salesforce, HP, VMware, Box, SoftLayer, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sungard Availability Services and Blue Jeans Network. Our business customers get the best of both worlds – cloud services from a top provider of their choice, and a fast, easy and highly secure way to access the cloud.

“AT&T NetBond is a key element in making sure our customers have a consistent, predictable and highly secure connection to our resources,” said Durgesh Sharma, vice president of Global IT, Colliers International. “We’re using the solution to deploy those resources in the cloud and free up valuable space in our data centers. It also allows these cloud-based services to directly connect to our global AVPN MPLS network. We can treat and control access to the cloud as if it were our own private Data Center.”

AT&T NetBond is part of our move to a software-defined network that we can provision and modify in minutes, not days, while giving our customers control. So what’s next? Endless innovation. We’re integrating NetBond with several device solutions to make cloud access even more mobile. And we’re developing other cloud-based services that can be used on any smartphone or tablet. So for our business customers, using the cloud is easier than ever … and getting even easier.

*You can read Mr. Tram’s full bio from DuPont here:

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“The combination of mobility and business solutions is how business gets done today. Software development, mobile devices and cloud computing are transforming entire industries.”– Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO, AT&T Mobile & Business Solutions