AT&T delivers Internet with choices

High-speed Internet service — whether fixed or mobile — is a core AT&T business. And it plays a vital role in our customers’ lives. It’s how they stay connected with friends, family and work, keep up with the latest news, enjoy their favorite music and movies, and much more.

Increasingly, customers are demanding more and more speed. And that’s just what AT&T is delivering. For the more than 12.2 million customers who now go online over AT&T’s Internet-based U‑verse network, we’re providing faster speeds, more connectivity and greater reliability – all at a great price.

Because our customers have different needs and budgets, AT&T offers high-speed Internet service in a variety of speeds and competitive prices. In 2014, we expanded our U‑verse portfolio to include speeds up to 75 megabits per second (Mbps), and up to 100Mbps and 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) with the latest launch of U‑verse with AT&T GigaPower.




After its initial 2013 launch in Austin, sales have continued to exceed expectations. AT&T announced in early 2014 that it was considering bringing the service to 25 major metropolitan areas nationwide.

By early 2015, we had launched AT&T GigaPower in parts of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Raleigh-Durham and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Overland Park, Kansas. And we’ve announced plans to expand the service to parts of Atlanta; Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina; Chicago; Cupertino, California; Houston and San Antonio, Texas; Jacksonville and Miami, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and St. Louis.

Customers clearly like our offerings … we ended 2014 with 76 percent of our wired broadband customer base on AT&T U‑verse products.

Lori Lee

Leadership Insight

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“Whether you use the Internet for email and online shopping, streaming movies, or as an important part of a home business, we offer a wide range of speeds and prices for high-speed Internet. And, our services are provided over our reliable and secure network, backed by best-in-class customer service.”– Lori Lee, Senior Executive Vice President, Home Solutions