Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Inflate - Black


  • This rugged powerstation can charge your devices and even jump start your car, it includes an air compressor with universal nozzle system. It’s there when your device or car battery dies and even when you get a flat tire. A bright LED light lends a hand with any roadside emergency.


    Car jump starter: The powerstation go rugged easily jump starts a full-sized car or SUV.

    Jumper cables included: Get back on the road in no-time with easy-to-use mini jumper cables.

    Rugged exterior: A rugged, hard exterior protects the powerstation go rugged from bumps and falls.

    Air compressor with universal nozzle: Interchangeable nozzles allow you to inflate tires, balls, air mattresses, and more.

    Adjustable pressure setting: Easily set the desired pressure level for the right amount of air every time.

    LED flashlight: The convenient, bright light is built for everyday emergencies.

    Charge multiple devices at once: Use the two USB-A ports to charge your phone and another USB-A device.

    Designed for safety: Easy-to-read indicator lights, spark-proof jumper cables, and automated safety checks help keep you and your vehicle’s battery safe.

    Convenient carrying pouch: The included pouch helps keep all the accessories organized and includes instructions printed right on it for easy reference.


    • Contains a 55,500mWh internal battery

    • Car jump starter

    • Air compressor

    • 2 USB-A ports

    • Digital display

    • Adjustable pressure setting

    • Floodlight / SOS light

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  • Key Features

    • Car jump starter
    • Jumper cable included
    • Air compressor w/ universal nozzle
    • Adjustable pressure setting

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