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Scosche BTFreq Pro Power Delivery FM Transmitter



Color: Black


The Scosche BTFREQ Power Delivery universal Bluetooth 5.0 car kit adapter is perfect for making hands-free calls and wirelessly streaming music from your Bluetooth®-compatible device to your vehicles radio with a crystal-clear, crisp sound. You can stream your favorite songs using your device’s Bluetooth or using the 3.5-millimeter output on your device with the included AUX cable. Our unit comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a strong wireless streaming connection. Enjoy crystal clear calls inside noisy vehicles and answer incoming calls with a simple push of the multi-function button (MFB). It also controls BTFREQ’s volume up/down, play/pause, answer/hang up the phone, or voice controls like Siri and Google Voice. Adjust the FM frequencies using the frequency tuner button. The car charger plugs into any vehicles 12-volt port to power the BTFREQ and charge your Power Delivery, standard USB-C or USB-A compatible device, at the same time. The 18-watt USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 port is the ultimate solution for charging any USB Type-C device with Power Delivery 3.0 technology or standard USB Type-C. The fast charge rates mean less time tethered to your charger and more mobility for you. Power Delivery 3.0 technology charges your compatible devices up to 3 times faster versus a conventional USB charger. The USB-A port comes equipped with perfect charge technology which delivers a blazing fast charge by detecting and providing your device with the fastest most powerful charging speed. It charges an iPhone XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S9, S9+, Android, Nintendo Switch, or any standard USB-C and USB-A device. The convenient design of the LCD display provides an easy-to-read interface. It’s easy to sync; just find an unused FM frequency on your vehicle's stereo and match the same frequency on the FM Transmitter. One-click access makes it easy to use Siri and Google voice on your device with the BTFREQ FM Transmitter. The Scosche BTFREQ universal Bluetooth hands-free car kit and FM Transmitter is compatible with your iPhone, iPod, Android, MP3 Player, Bluetooth compatible, or any other mobile device with a 3.5-millimeter AUX output port.

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