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Home or away, check out our best deals for students, teachers and parents.

  • Get a phone that does it all

    So you can be a know-it-all.

  • Hit the books—with a tablet

    Ideal for downloadable textbooks and distance learning.

  • Stay on schedule with a smartwatch

    Now there's no excuse for being late.

  • Fuel your mind with wireless headphones

    Get all the essential accessories for a successful year.


Multiple choices

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Get to the head of the class by doing your 2020 Back to School shopping at AT&T. Check out our deals on the cool gadgets students want, and the tech essentials they need, throughout the year. Whether you are shopping for elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, we’ve got you covered with deals on phones, tablets, and accessories. And with our unlimited data plans and AT&T PREPAID plans, you can find the right AT&T wireless plan to keep your student connected.

And students, faculty and staff may be able to take advantage of the AT&T Signature Program with savings on the monthly service charge of AT&T qualified wireless service through sponsoring colleges and universities – check your eligibility for more higher education savings.

Plus, when you order devices online, you can choose free shipping or same day delivery (where available) – any delivery method you choose is free.