Device Setup (without Wi-Fi)
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Device Setup (without Wi-Fi)

Set up your device for the first time or after having done a factory reset without using Wi-Fi.


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iPhone 14 series and later use an eSIM. For more information on eSIMs, read the AT&T support article  eSIM Activation Guide. If your old device has a physical SIM card, you will have to transfer it to the iPhone's eSIM. To transfer your SIM to an eSIM, go to AT&T support article Bring Your Own Device or Phone (BYOD) to AT&T. From the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) site you can activate your eSIM or transfer your physical SIM's number to the eSIM on the device. Your device will not be able to connect to cellular services until you activate your eSIM or transfer your current line of service to your eSIM. To activate your eSIM, select Activate my unlocked device and follow the prompts. To transfer your current line of service to your eSIM, select Move my number to a different device and follow the prompts. eSIM Activation Guide. 

1. To turn iPhone on, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo displays.


Note: Before setting up your device, make sure you have completed the online activation process. Please see Activate phone, SIM card, or other device for more information. Device setup steps will vary slightly based on the options selected. If your device has already been set up, and you'd like to start over, read the Apple support article How to erase your iOS device and then set it up as a new device or restore it from backups.


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2. You'll see "Hello" in different languages. Swipe up to continue.


Note: If you're blind or have low vision, you can turn on VoiceOver or Zoom from the Hello screen. To find your IMEI/MEID and ICCID, select info icon Info icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


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3. Select your language.


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4. Select your country or region.


Note: This affects how information will look on your device, including date, time, contacts, and more.


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5. Edit the display Appearance as desired, then select Continue.


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6. Review the Quick Start prompt. Select Set Up Without Another Device to set up your iPhone manually.


Note: Quick Start is a feature that allows you to transfer data and content from an old device to your new one during set up. On your old device select Continue > hold up your new iPhone to the camera of the old phone > enter the old device's passcode on your new device.


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7. Select Continue Without Wi-Fi, then select Continue to confirm.


Note: Get help activating AT&T cell service.


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8. Enter your phone number, then select Continue.


Note: The phone number should match the one provided by AT&T when you purchased the device.


9. Enter the 5-digit billing or shipping zip code to verify your identity, then select Continue.


10. Your device will automatically attempt to activate it's eSIM and connect to the AT&T Cellular network. When finished, you will receive a Cellular Setup Complete prompt. Select Continue.


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11. Review the Data & Privacy prompt, then select Continue or Learn More.


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12. Review the Set Up iPhone prompt, then select the desired option.


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13. Select Continue and follow the prompts to set up Face ID now, or select Set Up Later to skip this step.


Note: You'll need a passcode for features like Face ID and Apple Pay.


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14. Enter the desired Passcode, then re-enter your passcode to confirm.


Note: To skip creating a passcode, select Passcode Options > Don't Use Passcode > Don't Use Passcode.


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15. You can set up your device as new, transfer data from another iPhone or Android device, or restore it from an iCloud or iTunes backup. Select the desired option and follow the prompts.

Note: For more information, visit Apple's support article: Transfer content from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device.


IMPORTANT: For iPhone 15 series, you MUST update the new device to iOS 17.0.2 or later before transferring data from your previous device. You can update later if you plan to download from iCloud or set up your iPhone as a new device.


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16. Enter your Apple ID then select Next. Enter your password, then select Next again. If you don't have one, select Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID? and follow the prompts.


Note: If your Apple ID has two-factor authentication enabled, you will receive a prompt to enter the Apple ID Verification Code. For help, visit Apple ID Support.


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17. Review the Terms and Conditions prompt, then select Agree.


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18. Review the Update Your iPhone Automatically prompt, then select Continue.


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19. Review the iMessage & FaceTime prompt, then select the desired option.


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20. Review the Location Services prompt, then select the desired option.


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21. Review the Siri prompt, then select the desired option


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22. Review the Screen Time prompt, then select the desired option.


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23. Review the iPhone Analytics prompt, then select the desired option.


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24. Choose your preferred display appearance, then select Continue.


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25. Review the Silent Mode prompt, then select Continue.


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26. For iPhone 15 Pro Series only: Review the Action Button prompt, then select the desired option.


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27. Review the Emergency SOS prompt, then select Continue.


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28. Swipe up to begin using your device.


Note: Make a safe copy of your data by backing up, and learn about more features in the user guide for your iPhone. Learn more from the Apple support article Get started with iPhone.


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