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Device Setup

Set up your device for the first time or after having done a factory reset.


Prenote info

Before setting up your device, make sure you have completed the online activation process. Please visit Activate phone, SIM card, or other device for more information.

Using the included power adapter, plug in the gateway by inserting the power adapter into the DC Power Port and plug the attachment plug into your electrical outlet. When your device is powered on, it automatically searches for and connects to the AT&T mobile broadband network. This will take approximately 2-3 minutes. 


Note: This device comes with a pre-installed SIM, however, should you need to replace your SIM, visit the Device Assembly tutorial. For optimal placement, place your 5G Gateway on a higher shelf and near a window. Try to avoid placing the device near items that may interfere with wireless network signal, such as large appliances, microwaves, stone or concrete walls, metal cabinets, computer monitors or televisions screens. To learn more about the AT&T network, visit www.att.com/network.

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What's in the box?

• Device with preinstalled AT&T SIM Card

• Quick Start Guide

• 12V/2.5A DC Power Supply Unit 

• Safety Information Guide

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