File sharing
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File sharing

This tutorial describes how to share files.

  1. File sharing allows you to share the files on a microSDHC card via USB cable or web browser.
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  2. From the home screen, swipe to, then tap File Sharing
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  3. To turn file sharing on or off, tap the File Sharing switch.
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  4. To view file sharing settings from the MiFi Liberate Manager on the connected device, tap File Sharing.
    device 2839/1448070.jpg
  5. The settings will be displayed. To view content on the microSD card in the device, tap View Files.
    device 2839/1448071.jpg
  6. Scroll up or down to view the content.
    device 2839/1448072.jpg
  7. To share the files with a connected device, from the Finder window, click mifi-liberate under SHARED.
    Note: This tutorial demonstrates file sharing with a Mac. When using Windows, Click the Windows Start button > Computer. The microSD card will appear under "Networks".
    device 2839/1448282.jpg
  8. Click the Share folder.
    device 2839/1448283.jpg
  9. Drag and drop the desired files/folders to and from the MiFi Liberate and connected device.
    device 2839/1448284.jpg

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