Device assembly
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Device assembly

Install and remove the SIM and battery.

  1. Remove the Battery cover by pulling away at the notch.
    device 2839/1415637.jpg
  2. Insert the Micro SIM with the metal contacts facing down and the beveled edge facing left.
    device 2839/1415639.jpg
  3. To insert the Battery, align the metal contacts, then place into the battery port.
    device 2839/1415640.jpg
  4. Place the Battery cover back onto the device.
    device 2839/1415642.jpg
  5. To insert an SD card, open the SD card port cover at the bottom of the device.
    device 2839/1415645.jpg
  6. Insert the SD card with the metal contacts facing down.
    device 2839/1415646.jpg
  7. Close the SD card port cover.
    device 2839/1415653.jpg
  8. When no SIM card is in the device, No SIM will be displayed on the home screen.
    device 2839/1415654.jpg

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