Mobile Wallet
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Mobile Wallet

Use your device like a credit or debit card to make payments at retail and online locations.

  1. Google Wallet comes installed on the device and serves as a mobile wallet.
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  2. From the home screen, tap the Google folder.
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  3. Scroll to and tap Wallet.
    Note: First -time users are provided a 3-page tutorial you have to swipe thru and then tap DONE to continue.
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  4. When using Google Wallet for the first time, create a Wallet PIN number. Once you have entered it, you will be asked to verify the PIN number before continuing.
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  5. To edit, remove, or add credit cards, from the Google Wallet home page, tap the Menu icon.
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  6. Tap Cards & accounts.
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  7. Tap the Add icon, then follow prompts to setup your card.
    Note: To disable your Google Wallet without a mobile device, contact a Google agent.
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