Learn how to adjust screen brightness and change text display settings.


In this tutorial you will learn how to:

• Access display settings
• Adjust screen brightness
• Adjust screen timeout
• Adjust text size
• Turn bold text on/off

Access display settings

From the clock screen, press the Digital Crown/Home button then navigate to and select the settings app Settings app.

Adjust screen brightness

Scroll to and select Display & Brightness. Select the Left brightness icon to turn the brightness down and select the Right brightness icon to turn the brightness up. 

Image 1

Adjust screen timeout

From the Display & Brightness screen, scroll to and select Wake Duration > select desired screen timeout option (Wake for 15 Seconds or Wake for 70 Seconds).

Image 2

Adjust text size

From the Display & Brightness screen, select Text Size. Select the Left text icon to decrease text size or select the Right text icon to increase text size. 

Image 3

Turn bold text on/off

From the Display & Brightness screen, scroll to and select the Image 3 Bold Text switch

Image 4

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