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Access the calendar and manage events.

  1. ACCESS CALENDAR: From the home screen, select the Calendar app.

    step 1

  2. CHANGE CALENDAR VIEW: Select the Menu icon, then select the desired calendar view.

    Note: For this demonstration, Month was selected.

    step 2

  3. CREATE AN EVENT: Select the Add icon.

    step 3

  4. Enter Event details and Preferences as desired, then select Save.

    step 4

  5. EDIT AN EVENT: Select the desired event.

    Note: You can only edit events that you created.

    step 5

  6. Select the desired event again.

    step 6

  7. Edit event as desired, then select Save.

    step 7

  8. DELETE AN EVENT: Select the desired event.

    step 8

  9. Select the desired event again.

    step 9

  10. Select Delete.

    Note: You will be prompted to select Delete again to confirm.

    step 10

  11. At the time of the event, an Event icon will be displayed in the Notification bar.

    step 11

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