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Dual Media Stream

How to set up and use Dual Media Stream. Dual Media Stream allows you to view two videos at once in full screen.

  1. ACCESS DUAL MEDIA STREAM: With the device in landscape mode, open the second screen.
    device 5191/9007177_01.jpg
  2. Select the Mode key, then select the Dual mode icon.
    device 5191/9007177_02.jpg
  3. Navigate to and select the desired video app on each screen.
    Note: For this demonstration, DIRECTV NOW and YouTube were selected.
    device 5191/9007177_03.jpg
  4. SWITCH BETWEEN AUDIO SOURCES: Select the Switch audio icon.
    Note: You can select and drag the Switch audio icon to either screen.
    device 5191/9007177_04.jpg

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