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Call Protect

Learn how to set up AT&T Call Protect for an HD Voice-capable smartphone on your AT&T wireless account.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Download and access call protect
• Block a number
• Access settings

Download and access call protect

1. Call protect does not come preinstalled on your iOS device. To download AT&T Call Protect, from the home screen, select the app store app App Store app > Search tab > Search field > enter AT&T Call Protect > select a suggestion or search > select GET InstallOPEN

Note: If you have previously downloaded AT&T Call Protect, select the icloud download Download from iCloud icon

Image 1

2. Select Set up blocking.

Image 2


Block a number

Select the Block tab > My Block ListAdd > select the desired option and follow the prompts.

Image 3



Access settings

Select the More tab to access settings. Edit settings as desired.

Image 4

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