Messaging Settings
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Messaging Settings

Manage messaging settings such as notification alerts, Advanced Messaging, message limits, restore default settings, and emergency/AMBER alert settings.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Access messaging settings

• Messaging settings options

• Enable/disable emergency alerts

• Recommendations for upgrading



Access messaging settings

1. From the home screen, select the messages Messages app.


2. Select the account icon Account icon, then select Messages settings.


Image 1



Messaging settings options

Select the desired option to access the desired settings:


Image 2


 TURN ON/OF ADVANCED RCS CHAT FEATURES: Select RCS chats > select the Turn on RCS chats switch.

• TURN ON/OFF CHAT READ RECEIPTS: Select RCS chats > select the Send read receipts switch 

• TURN ON/OFF TYPING INDICATORS: Select RCS chats > select the Show typing indicators switch.

• AUTO-DOWNLOAD FILES: Select RCS chats > Auto-download files you receive over mobile data > select the desired file size

• SPAM PROTECTION: Scroll to and select Spam protection > select the Enable spam protection switch.

• AUTO-DOWNLOAD MMS: Scroll to and select Advanced > select the Auto-download MMS switch

• MMS GROUP MESSAGING: Scroll to and select Advanced > Group messaging > select the desired Group messaging option.



Note: If Advanced Messaging Chat Features is turned on and you are messaging another device using Advanced Messaging from AT&T you can share files up to 100MB, get read receipts, and see when someone is replying. To learn more, view Advanced Messaging or visit



Enable/disable emergency alerts

1. From the Message settings screen, scroll to and select Advanced then select Wireless emergency alerts


Image 3


2. Select the menu Menu icon, then select Settings. Select the desired switches to enable or disable the desired alerts.


Note: Learn more about Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).


Image 4


Recommendations for upgrading

If you are upgrading from a current Advanced Messaging smartphone to this new smartphone featuring Messages:


• If you chose not to select ‘Copy apps & data’ when you initially setup your device, we recommend choosing Samsung Smart Switch to transfer messages from your current Samsung device to this new smartphone. Smart Switch can be found in the app tray in the Samsung folder.


• SMS/MMS/RCS messages can then be copied from your old to new Samsung device.


• Please note that AT&T Messages Backup & Sync is not compatible with the Messages app.

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