Opt out of Wireless Emergency Alerts

If you own a WEA-capable smartphone you may opt out of Imminent threats and AMBER alerts, but you can't opt out of Presidential Alerts.

Get device-specific Wireless Emergency Alerts opt out instructions

To view opt out instructions specific to your device go to Device Support. Under Device instructions select Email & messaging > Messaging settings.Learn more

Different types of Wireless Emergency Alerts


WEA are free text-like messages delivered to your device. AT&T does not create Wireless Emergency Alerts. AT&T delivers WEAs on behalf of the state or local Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs).

Three types of Wireless Emergency Alerts
  • Imminent threat alerts: Notify you of threats to life or property.
  • AMBER alerts: Inform you about a missing child in your area.
  • Presidential alerts: Issued by the President (Opt-out not allowed).
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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