Samsung Rugby II (A847)

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Battery optimization

There are several settings you can adjust on your device to conserve your battery.

Charge battery

This article describes how to charge the battery.


Device controls

This article describes the various controls of the device.

Customize the Home screen

Add, delete or move application shortcuts and widgets to view the info you want in the location you prefer.

Zoom in/out

This article describes how to change the zoom level.

Status bar & indicators

Learn about the different status icons that display on the status bar.

Use the keyboard

Access special characters and predictive text on your device's physical keyboard.

Home screen

The main home screen delivers the latest info such as new message notifications and upcoming appointments, as well as offers shortcuts to frequently used applications such as email and web.

Power on

This article describes how to turn the device on.


Master reset

This article describes how to perform a master reset. Warning: all user data will be erased and cannot be recovered after a master reset.


Access voicemail

Setup is simple via guided prompts and there are many options for security, greetings and access.

Reset Voicemail Password

Reset the password you use to retrieve voicemail messages.