Samsung Rugby II (A847)

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Samsung Rugby II (A847)

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What's in the box

Learn about the different status icons that display on the status bar.

Device overview

This article describes the various controls of the device.

Learn & customize the home screen

Add, delete or move application shortcuts and widgets to view the info you want in the location you prefer.

On screen navigation

This article describes how to change the zoom level.


Access voicemail

Setup is simple via guided prompts and there are many options for security, greetings and access.

Change or reset voicemail password

Reset the password you use to retrieve voicemail messages.

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Battery optimization

There are several settings you can adjust on your device to conserve your battery.

Charge the battery

This article describes how to charge the battery.



Adjust the brightness level of the screen.


Adjust the length of time before the screen automatically locks when idle.

Sounds & alerts

This article describes how to change alerts.