Switch your internet provider

Learn how to switch to AT&T Internet service or cancel your AT&T Internet service. Plus, get the latest deals and offers for switching to AT&T. 

How to switch your internet service provider

If you’re considering switching your internet service provider (ISP), chances are you’re moving to a new home. You also might be staying put but looking to save money on your home internet bill, or upgrade to a faster internet plan. First, let’s walk through the steps to transfer your internet service if you’re moving to a new home.

Move or transfer your AT&T Internet service

If you’re an AT&T Internet customer and you would like to transfer your home internet service to a new address, you should call 800.288.2020. Keep in mind some of these things:
•    If you already have AT&T Internet, activation fees at your new location are typically waived depending on your current service plan. If there’s an activation fee, it would be the same as when your service was installed the first time.
•    If you want to upgrade or change your current AT&T service when you move to a new address, an AT&T moving specialist can help you over the phone.
•    If you’re transferring your current AT&T Internet service to a new location, you may be able to make the move yourself. An AT&T moving specialist will be able to guide you over the phone.
If you’re moving to a new home and looking to change your internet service provider, you can see how AT&T stacks up to our competitors and check availability for AT&T Internet at your address.

Best deals and offers to switch internet service providers

AT&T offers lots of great deals on AT&T Internet service, including AT&T Fiber®.  Check out all the latest offers for AT&T Internet and AT&T Fiber.

If you’re eligible for AT&T Fiber, you can switch to AT&T for free.¹ AT&T will cover the cancellation fee from your previous provider in full. There are two easy steps to take advantage of this switcher deal:
1. Switch to AT&T Fiber. Check your availability and choose a speed tier that’s best for you. When you switch to AT&T Fiber, you could save $170 or more in the first year over your regular price with major cable providers.²
2. Send AT&T your bill. Upload the final bill from your previous provider, and AT&T will reimburse your previous provider’s cancellation fee on your internet service. Within six weeks after activation and maintaining eligible internet service, you will receive a Reward Notification email that includes instructions on how to get reimbursed in the amount of your previous internet provider’s early termination fee (ETF).

Read more about our best offer to switch to AT&T Fiber.

How to cancel AT&T Internet service

Before you cancel your internet service, you might consider these alternatives:
•      If you need to move or transfer your AT&T Internet service, we can help you. Simply call 800.288.2020 to get started with a moving specialist.
•     If you want to upgrade your AT&T Internet plan or make other changes, you should visit your myAT&T account overview, choose the account you would like to change, select Change or Manage my plan and follow the prompts to finish up.
•      If you need to temporarily suspend your service, you may place your AT&T service on temporary hold for military deployment, disaster relief, or other personal reasons. You can get started with suspending your AT&T Internet service by calling 800.288.2020.
If you want to cancel your AT&T Internet service, learn more on next steps.

Here are some things to consider when canceling your AT&T Internet service:
•      When you call to cancel, you should have your account number and personal identification number (PIN) on hand.
•      Try to call during normal operating hours. Cancellation requests received after business hours will be handled on the next regular business day.
•      Unless instructed in writing not to return your AT&T equipment, internet equipment must be returned to AT&T undamaged within 21 days of your internet service cancellation. You should not remove or return wall-mounted AT&T equipment

How to return your AT&T Internet equipment

1. If you have wall-mounted AT&T Internet equipment, please leave it and its power cord as is. Do not remove or return.
2. If your internet equipment is not mounted on the wall, unplug it and head to the nearest UPS Store® or FedEx® Office. We cannot accept returns at AT&T retail stores. Be sure to bring your equipment and account number.
3. Keep the receipt from UPS after they scan, pack, and ship the equipment to us at no cost to you.