Get home internet data usage info

Data usage includes all data sent and received when you use your home internet. Find out how to monitor and estimate future data use.

Data allowances

Home internet data allowances include:
  • 150GB per month for DSL (includes AT&T High Speed Internet Basic, Express, Pro, and Elite, and FastAccess® DSL Lite, DSL Ultra, and Xtreme Pro)
  • 350GB per month for Fixed Wireless Internet
  • 1.5TB per month if you have AT&T Internet speed tiers 768KB through 75MB
  • Unlimited data if you have: Internet 100 or higher,  AT&T Internet Air, or any one of these:
    • The unlimited data usage add-on for $30 per month
    • A combined bill for AT&T Internet and DIRECTV® or U-verse® TV for plans purchased before August 1, 2021
    • DIRECTV with an AT&T Internet plan for plans purchased before August 1, 2021

Once you go over, we'll add more data in 50GB increments, at a cost of $10 for 50GB. The most we'll charge for overages in a bill period is $100 for AT&T Internet or $200 for DSL and Fixed Wireless Internet.

Data allowances and usage info

Data usage is all the data you receive (download) or send (upload). This applies no matter how you access the internet from your home network. It may be through a wired or Wi-Fi® connection. You can estimate future data usage with our internet data calculator.

Usage includes tasks like software updates, email use, and social media posts. Individual usage varies based on the apps you use and the content you access. For example, usage for email apps may be more than what the data calculator shows if your emails have large files attached.

FYI: If you have DSL, we may not be able to measure your data use because of system limitations. In that case, you won’t be able to use the data tracker to see how much data you’re using. Don’t worry though, if this happens, we won’t charge you for usage over your limit.

Learn how to check your internet data use.

Data usage updates

We pull usage data from the network every four hours for most accounts. It is at 15-minute increments if you routinely use more data. You may not be able to view usage info for the first day of a new bill period until later on in the day. Usage display shows time in terms of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) time zone, which is behind U.S. time zones.

Good to know: Trained and specialized AT&T lab engineers check the accuracy of our system on a regular basis.

Data measurement and samples

A gigabyte shows how much data you send and receive over the network. It’s not how long you spend on the internet. A gigabyte (GB) is 1,073,741,824 bytes, 1,048,576 kilobytes (KB), or 1,024 megabytes (MB).

Fifty thousand emails with no file attached is about 1GB. The same goes for watching an 80-minute movie in standard definition (SD). Watching 20 minutes of a movie in high definition (HD) also equals about 1GB.
Usage Comparisons for All Data Allowances or Internet Speed Plans
Web browsing10,000+ pages10,000+ pages10,000+ pages
Email10,000+ emails10,000+ emails10,000+ emails
Social media10,000+ image downloads/uploads10,000+ image downloads/uploads10,000+ image downloads/uploads
Music1,000+ MP3 song downloads1,000+ MP3 song downloads1,000+ MP3 song downloads
YouTube1,000+ standard videos1,000+ standard videos1,000+ standard videos
TV & movies75 hours SD TV and 90 SD or 25 HD movies75 hours SD TV and 100 SD or 35 HD movies400 hours SD TV and 720 SD or 200 HD movies

FYI: The types of activities you do affect your usage more than the time you spend online. For example, data-rich activities like streaming video may use more data than sending emails.


Last updated: June 7, 2023

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