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Upgrade or return DSL equipment

Learn how to upgrade or return your DSL modem or gateway. Also learn about the DSL equipment warranty.


How to upgrade or return DSL modems or gateways

Upgrade DSL modem or gateway

Visit the AT&T Equipment Shop. You can check out current offerings and upgrade your existing DSL modem or gateway.

Review DSL return and warranty policies

Confirm you have DSL service
You can find out if you have DSL service by signing in to your account. If you see My DSL Internet, you’re all set.  Or if you have a different AT&T service, find out how to return your equipment.

Defective equipment and warranty information
You may return the modem or Wi-Fi® gateway for a replacement if it becomes inoperable due to defective materials or workmanship within one year of the ship or install date.

Detailed info
  • Contact the manufacturer for help or contact us to buy a replacement.
  • We may replace your modem, Wi-Fi gateway, or maintenance plan equipment with a similar or refurbished product.
  • Lost or stolen equipment may be replaced at the market rate. Those damaged or destroyed by any other cause may also be replaced.
  • We must receive the defective equipment within 30 days of notifying us. Items received after 30 days will be billed for the equipment replacement.

What's covered
  • Replacing defective hardware provided to you for DSL service, including modems, routers, gateways, adapters, NICs, filters, and splitters
  • AT&T DSL equipment
  • Labor of AT&T services and its authorized contractors and agents

What’s not covered
  • Equipment damaged or destroyed through customer's, or any agent of customer's, negligent or intentional acts
  • Customer modifications to the covered equipment
  • Equipment destroyed due to fire or natural disasters, such as flood damage or other causes outside of AT&T’s control
  • Equipment or labor ordered or obtained by customer from any person or entity other than AT&T

Unwanted equipment
If your service isn’t exactly what you were looking for, just return the undamaged equipment to us within 30 days of the ship or install date. Also include all original parts, accessories, disks, manuals, and related documents in the box.

By doing this, you’ll avoid a potential non-returned equipment charge billed to your account or credit card on file.

Return AT&T DSL equipment

  1. Contact us. We’ll send you a prepaid UPS shipping label with a return authorization number.
  2. Pack the item in its original box, if possible.  
  3. Write the return authorization number on the front of the box. Parcels arriving without it won’t be accepted.
  4. Drop off the box at any authorized UPS Store drop-off location and UPS will take care of the rest.

  • Equipment won’t be accepted and credits won’t be issued after 30 days unless it’s defective.
  • Return processing usually takes two weeks. Upon its return, we’ll determine the equipment’s condition and replacement availability, if applicable.

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