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Learn about ZenKey

Sign in to websites with peace of mind. Use ZenKey and our network to secure your sign-ins and transactions in supported apps and websites.


What is ZenKey

The ZenKey app gives you a more secure way to sign in online. Unlike other third-party sign-ins, ZenKey uses our network to verify your identity.

You'll get to experience how ZenKey works with AT&T websites. Over time, we'll continue to improve the app and how you'll interact with it.

Keep in mind, using ZenKey is optional. Opting into ZenKey won't disable your existing sign-in capabilities. You can still use your AT&T user ID and password to sign in to web-based applications and mobile apps, like myAT&T.

Check out ZenKey on these websites.
  • myAT&T
  • Currently by AT&T
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How it works
After you create an account:
  • You’ll get your ZenKey ID that’s linked to your AT&T user ID. ZenKey uses this ID and your AT&T profile info to confirm you’re really you. It also verifies your phone number and SIM card to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • When you connect to an app or website that accepts ZenKey, we’ll pass along the info you agreed to share during setup. This provides a fast and secure way to connect.
For example, say you want to transfer money online. You sign in to your bank’s app with ZenKey. The ZenKey app will verify your identity and grant access to the bank’s app or website. When you request the money transfer, the bank will send the authorization notice to you through ZenKey. Simply approve the request and you’re all set!

How to unlink ZenKey
Don't want to use ZenKey anymore? Send an email to with ZenKey unlink request in the subject line. Make sure you include your AT&T user ID and the phone number associated with your ID in your email.

Before you send your email, please note:
  • When we delete a ZenKey profile, all of the ZenKey-related data goes with it.
  • If your AT&T ID only has a ZenKey profile linked to it (not AT&T services), your AT&T ID will be deleted also.
Change your mind and want to install ZenKey again? Send an email to with Re-link ZenKey request in the subject line.

About ZenKey
ZenKey was born out of a unique collaboration among the 3 major U.S. wireless carriers. The carriers work together to build a more secure authentication platform that verifies your identity using multiple methods for all. ZenKey collects and shares device and account data with your wireless carrier. Using this info, you can easily and more securely authenticate, sign up, and sign in. Learn more about ZenKey

Want to set up ZenKey but don’t have AT&T wireless? Get ZenKey with your wireless provider

Get ZenKey and device requirements

Download the ZenKey app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you have an Android® device, also make sure you have the AT&T Sign in Helper app or UICC 310-410 H SIM card. You can buy the SIM card from an AT&T store.

Find out how to set up your ZenKey account

To use ZenKey from your Apple® or Android® smartphones, make sure you’re using one of these
operating systems:
  • iOS 11.0 or greater for Apple
  • Android 7.0 Nougat or greater for Android
Be sure to include a face or fingerprint scan if you want to use:
  • FaceID® or TouchID® (Apple)
  • Trusted Face® or Trusted Fingerprint® (Android)

Learn about ZenKey features

With ZenKey, you can enjoy:
  • Sign-in security: We use ZenKey to help protect your digital identity using unique account and device details on our network.
  • An added layer of authentication and verification: We use our network intelligence to verify your identity by matching SIM cards to device-owner details.
  • Transparent data management: You control what info gets shared with participating service providers and what stays private.
ZenKey uses mobile and profile security to authenticate you. These features include:
  • Mobile security
    • Network-based device authentication
    • SIM card recognition
  • Profile security
    • AT&T user ID
    • ZenKey PIN
    • Biometric fingerprint (Touch ID® or Trusted Fingerprint®)
    • Face recognition (Face ID® or Trusted Face®)
    • Trusted devices
    • Recovery codes

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