Calling Features and Star Codes

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Star Codes and Calling Features

How to use Star Codes

The following table describes various calling features and how to use them on your phone.

Note: Some features may not be available in all areas or with some types of service. Some features require a monthly subscription to the service or may incur a usage fee.

FeatureDescriptionTurn OnTurn Off
Anonymous Call RejectionPrevents anonymous calls from callers who block delivery of their Caller ID information (name and/or phone number) Dial *77 Dial *87
Call BlockPrevents calls from select phone numbers and gives callers a recorded message that lets them know you're not accepting calls currently Dial *60 Dial *80
Call ForwardingForwards your incoming calls to another number Dial *72 or 72#Dial *73 or 73# 
Call ReturnRedials the most recent number that called you Dial *69 Dial *89
Call TraceTraces the number of the last incoming call received, when the call warrants legal action1 Dial *57 
Call WaitingAllows you to take another call without disconnecting the one you're on by putting the first call on hold while you answer the second  Dial *70
Caller ID BlockPrevents your name and number from being displayed on the Caller ID of the person you're callingDial *67 
Repeat DialingCalls a busy number and alerts you when the line is freeDial *66Dial *86
Speed Calling 8Allows you to assign a one-digit code for up to 8 frequently called numbers so that they can be dialed quicklyDial 74# 
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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