Speed Calling 30 User Guide

Discover AT&T Speed Calling or Speed Dial 30 and learn how to program up to 30 frequently called numbers to be dialed quickly with a 2-digit code.

Follow these simple steps to setup Speed Calling 30

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Speed Calling, also known as Speed Dial 30, allows you to program up to 30 frequently called numbers so they can be dialed quickly using a 2-digit code. Both Local and Long Distance (LD) numbers can be programmed with this feature.

To record your Speed Dial numbers
  1. At the dial tone, press 75 #.
  2. At the second dial tone, press the 2-digit Speed Dial code (20-49) that you want to assign to a certain phone number.
  3. Dial the 10-digit telephone number for the code chosen. The number is stored when you hear short tones.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to add more numbers.

To Speed Dial a call
At the dial tone, press the 2-digit speed code you assigned for the number you are calling, and then press #.

Helpful Hints
  • Toll and Long Distance charges are applicable.
  • To replace a Speed Call number, repeat the steps for recording a phone number. The new number automatically replaces the old one.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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