Learn about Select Call Forwarding (*63)

Find out how to forward pre-selected phone numbers to a chosen number for AT&T local home phone service.

Activate or deactivate Select Call Forwarding

Select Call Forwarding sends preselected phone numbers to a number that you choose. You can designate between 6 and 10 phone numbers, based on your location. Remember, this only applies to the numbers you select; all other phone numbers won’t be forwarded.

Press *63, and follow the prompts.

Press *83, and follow the prompts.

When you deactivate, you can choose to either save or delete your list of forwarded numbers.

  • To save your list, just hang up.
  • To remove your entire list, dial 08, then hang up.
  • To remove all private numbers, dial 09, then hang up.  

Helpful hints

  • Selective Call Forwarding is not compatible with Remote Access to Call Forwarding.
  • Local and long-distance charges may apply if you forward a call.
  • Service may not be available on all calls in all areas.

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Last updated: February 1, 2024

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