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Find out why your bill changed

Have you seen a difference in your bill amount? Here are some reasons why the amount you owe may have changed.


Wireless bills

Does your wireless bill look wrong or different this month? Here are some reasons why your bill may change.

Updates to your plan or add-ons

Did you recently change your plan or add-ons? Look in the Activity since last bill section and find the name of your wireless plan. Then check your plan charges or device number. That's where you'll find any partial-month charges or credits.

Here’s what you need to know about partial-month charges for plan changes.

Look in the section Activity since last bill. Then go to Talk, Text, or Data to see if you have any overage charges.

Mobile purchases

If someone on your plan bought ringtones, wallpapers, games, music, or other downloadable content, you’ll find these charges in the Activity since last bill section.

Find out how to manage mobile purchases and subscriptions.

Credits or adjustments
It takes at least two bill periods for credits and other adjustments to show on your bill after we process them.

Learn more about viewing adjustments on your bill.

Changes in fees or taxes
Have you updated your service address? Changed your plan or add-ons? If so, the changes may affect the fees and taxes due on your bill.

Get info about taxes and service charges.

Non-wireless bills

Does your TV, internet, home phone, or combined bill look wrong or different this month? Here are some reasons why your bill may change:
  • You made an account change like upgrading your plan or adding a premium channel.
  • You changed your service address. This can affect the total fees and taxes due on your bill.
  • We issued a credit or adjustment. It can take up to two bill periods after you request a credit for it to show up on your bill.
  • You ordered On Demand or Pay-Per-View programs.
  • One of your promotions recently expired.

If you still have questions

Contact us or visit an AT&T store so we can help you. Be sure to have your bill handy.

We may send you your own personal video bill

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