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Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool on your U-verse TV

Many U-verse TV, AT&T Phone, and AT&T Internet problems can be resolved by using the Troubleshoot & Resolve app on your TV.




Using the U-verse Troubleshoot & Resolve app

Now, let's get started

The Troubleshoot & Resolve app on your TV is designed to diagnose and resolve service and connectivity issues. This tool also assists with common tasks such as programming your U-verse remote control, configuring, and managing your home network, setting up your voicemail and optimizing computer settings for the best surfing experience.

If the issue cannot be resolved on the spot, you can request a call back within the tool itself. You can also manage dispatch repair appointments, suspend or resume troubleshooting and reset passwords for email accounts.

Troubleshoot and Resolve screen on U-verse TV tab

Launch the Troubleshoot & Resolve tool on U-verse TV

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your issue.
  1. Press Menu on the U-verse Remote Control.   
  2. Scroll down to Help, then press OK.   
  3. Select Information.
  4. Scroll to Troubleshoot & Resolve, then press OK.   
  5. Select the area you want to troubleshoot.   
  6. Allow the interactive diagnostic test to run and complete.   
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to attempt to resolve the issue online. Other options may include dispatching a technician or speaking to a Customer Care agent.

Troubleshoot & Resolve can also be used to find out if there is an outage in your area. If there is no outage, you'll be prompted to troubleshoot your issue or you'll be asked to create a problem report for your repair issue. Outages may affect one or more of your U-verse services.

Note: Troubleshoot & Resolve can also be accessed online or via your mobile device at

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