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Weather on U-verse TV

Access local and national forecasts on The Weather Channel, Severe Weather Channel, and The Weather Channel app for a customized experience.


Learn how to view your latest accurate and relevant forecast

Track hurricanes, warnings and conditions

The Severe Weather Channel on Ch. 226/1226 HD provides up to the minute coverage as weather conditions warrant. This channel is dedicated to bringing you the latest storm news and critical advisory information about various weather events.

For more local and national weather information, tune to The Weather Channel on Ch. 225/1225 HD. You can also access the channel by pressing Interactive on your remote control followed by Weather/Services > The Weather Channel.
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Customized reports with The Weather Channel app

Weather channel local home screen

The Weather Channel app provides information, severe weather alerts, and important safety tips about the weather where you live. To opt in to this free app, press OK on your U-verse remote control when the trigger is present on Ch. 225/1225 HD.  You can check out other areas by following the on-screen prompts to add up to five locations to track. The app allows you to view the following in your favorite cities:
  • Current conditions
  • Hourly forecasts
  • 3-5 day forecasts
  • Temperatures
  • Radar maps and more
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