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Instructions and codes to program your U-verse TV S10 remote

Learn how to program your U-verse TV S10 remote using our step-by-step instructions and user guides to control your TV, DVD, audio, or auxiliary devices.

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Program a remote with auto code search or manufacturer’s code

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Program using auto code search (recommended)
To use the U-verse TV S10 remote control with your TV, DVD, or auxiliary equipment, you'll need to program one or more of the mode buttons (TV, DVD, or AUX) at the top of the remote control, as follows:
  1. Turn on the equipment to be programmed, such as the TV, DVD player, or auxiliary equipment, and point the remote control at the selected equipment.
  2. Press and hold the mode button you want to assign to the equipment (TV, DVD, or AUX) along with the Enter button. Hold both buttons for one second, and then release. The four mode buttons on the remote control will flash twice to indicate you're in programming mode.
  3. Press the Scan\FF button repeatedly until the equipment turns off, pausing briefly between each button press. The selected mode button will flash once for each press of the Scan\FF key.
    • If the equipment does not turn off, and the selected mode button flashes 8 times, please start over at step 1.
  4. Press the Power button on the remote to turn the equipment back on.
If the equipment does not turn on, you may have pressed the Scan\FF button too many times. Press the Rew\Scan button repeatedly and test the Power button again.
  1. Check the Volume and Mute buttons. If there is a problem with any of the buttons, press the Scan\FF button until the buttons function properly.
  2. Once the buttons are functioning, press the Enter key to save the programming. The appropriate mode key will give a long flash indicating successful programming.
Program by manually entering manufacturer code
Use the following steps to set up the TV, DVD, or AUX mode keys:
  1. Each device (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.) has its own code. Please find your device and manufacturer on this list of setup codes (PDF, 172KB).
    • Make a note of the codes for your devices for quick reference.
    • You can only program the mode keys with codes starting with the number assigned to that device. TV codes start with 1; DVD codes 2; AUX codes 3, 4, 5, or 6.
  2. Power on the device to be programmed.
  3. Press and hold the mode key that matches the device you want to program, TV, DVD, or AUX, along with the OK key. Hold both keys for one second, then release. The four mode keys on the Remote Control flash to indicate you are in the programming mode.
  4. Enter the 4-digit Device Code from step 1 for the desired device using the keypad on the remote.
  5. The appropriate mode key will give a long flash indicating it received the code.
  6. Point the remote control at the selected device, and press the Power key to turn off the device and confirm programming.
    • If the device doesn't turn off, or not all functions work, then start again at step 1 with the next code in the list. It's possible that one device brand may have multiple codes, and you may have to enter several codes before finding the one that works best with your device.
    • Press the Power key again to turn the device back on and check other functions.
Note: The selected mode key will flash eight times and the remote control will return to its normal operation if you do any of the following:
  • Enter an invalid code.
  • Press a key that is not a number key.
  • Stay inactive for more than 20 seconds.
If this happens, the remote has left programming mode without saving any changes. You'll need to start over.

If you can't find your equipment code
The U-verse remote control can be programmed to work with most TV equipment. Find the 4-digit programming code for your TV, DVD, or auxiliary equipment as described above. If your equipment and code aren't on the list, you may be unable to program the U-verse remote, and will need to use the remote control that originally came with your equipment.

To select the correct user guide, you'll need to identify the model number on the back of your remote control.

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