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Learn how to stream HBO GO with AT&T TV, AT&T TV NOW, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, and WatchTV.


How to stream HBO

Do you get HBO® through AT&T TVSM, AT&T TV NOWSM, DIRECTV®, U-verse® TV, or WatchTVSM? If so, you can also conveniently stream HBO® content at home or on the road with HBO GO®.

Here are all the ways you can watch HBO® if it comes with your TV package:
  • AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW - or the AT&T TV app
  • DIRECTV - or the DIRECTV app
  • U-verse TV - the U-verse TV app
  • WatchTV - or the WatchTV app

Compatible devices

You can stream HBO GO from your computer or mobile device. Depending on your TV service, you can also watch HBO GO with select smart TVs, Roku players, and gaming consoles.

Heads up: WatchTV doesn’t work with Roku players. Also, some Roku players aren’t compatible with AT&T TV.

Find out which devices are compatible with HBO GO and your TV service

Download and set up HBO GO

  1. Download the HBO GO app from your device’s app or channel store.
  2. Launch HBO GO and select Activate Your Device to see your activation code.
  3. From a computer or mobile device, go to
  4. Select your device from the list and then select Continue.
  5. Select AT&T TV, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, or AT&T WatchTV from the TV provider list and enter your username and password for that TV service when prompted.
  6. On the Activate a Device screen, enter your activation code. You should see a success message on the device you activated.
    • The first time you set it up, you may be prompted to create an HBO GO profile ID. This is a display name only, and you won’t use it to sign in.

Need more help? Check out

Heads up: If you had HBO GO with a different TV provider, make sure you sign up again with your AT&T TV, AT&T TV NOW, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, or WatchTV info.

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