Transfer device data to your computer

Learn how to transfer, back up, and restore contacts, pictures, videos, music, and other data using your PC. Keep critical data protected against loss.

Device specific instructions

Get transfer, backup, and restore instructions for your specific device in Device Support. Look under Device Instructions, then Backup & restore.

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Learn about different transfer, backup, and restore options

Don’t lose all your contacts, photos, music, and other data when your phone or tablet is lost or broken.

Transfer data from device to computer

To transfer data, like photos and files, from your smartphone or tablet to your computer, you can:
  • Email yourself
  • Connect with a USB cable

Email yourself
Use your email account on your smartphone or tablet to email photos or other content to yourself. Then, open the email on your computer and download the photos or files.

Connect with a USB cable
If your smartphone or tablet came with a USB cable, you can use it to connect your device to your computer and transfer music, pictures, contacts, and other files.

Visit Device support to learn how to transfer files to or from your specific device and a computer. Look under Music, Photos & video, then Transfer media to & from a computer.

Backup and restore applications

Check your smartphone or tablet for pre-installed backup and restore apps. Device companies often provide this software, or install one of the many third-party apps that exist. You can also go to your device’s app store and search for backup.

Some common backup and restore applications include:
  • iTunes (for iPhone and iPad)
  • Samsung Kies (for Samsung devices)
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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