Get battery-saving tips

Learn ways to extend the battery charge of your smartphone or tablet.

Ways to improve the battery life of your device

Change your screen settings

Your screen drains your battery the most. To save your battery:
  • Lower the screen brightness
  • Choose auto-dim to adjust screen brightness
  • Reduce the display timeout period
  • Turn on Dark Mode
  • Tap the power key when you’re done
  • Select static wallpaper photos or designs

Turn off device services when not in use

Save your battery by turning off:
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS and location
  • Wi-Fi®
  • Mobile hotspot and tethering
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Manage app use

Extend your battery life with these tips:
  • Change your notifications. Go to your app settings to turn off unnecessary notifications.
  • Fetch email less frequently. Set your device to check for new emails less often.
  • Set non-essential apps to only work when you use them. This will stop these apps from running in the background.
  • Delete unused apps and widgets. Shut down or remove apps and widgets you don’t use.
  • Enable power-saver mode. If your device offers them, take advantage of power-saving options to help when battery life is critical.
  • Disable auto-update apps. Apps often automatically download updates and install them. Turn auto-update off when you want to save battery power.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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