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Battery saving tips for smartphones & tablets

Learn ways to extend the battery charge of your tablet or smartphone.

How can I improve my smartphone or tablet battery life?
Your screen is the #1 power drain. Try:
  • Reducing the screen brightness as low as you can and still view the screen comfortably
  • Enabling auto-dim to adjust screen brightness depending on how much light there is around you
  • Reducing the display timeout period
  • Getting in the habit of tapping the power key when you’re finished
  • Selecting static photos or designs for wallpaper instead of live wallpapers

Optimize battery life

Turn off power-hungry services

Consider disabling these device services when you’re not using them:
  • Bluetooth - When you’re not using Bluetooth-connected headsets or other devices, turn off Bluetooth.
  • GPS & location - Your device’s GPS function helps with driving directions, local search results, and other location-based services. Close apps that use GPS to turn it off.
  • Wi-Fi® - While it’s great for high-speed internet access and saving your cellular data, Wi-Fi uses battery power even when you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Mobile hotspot and tethering - Creating a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot with your device and tethering can drain your battery.
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC) - It enables your phone to communicate with other nearby NFC devices or tags. Turn NFC off when you’re not using it.

Manage application power consumption

Here are some ways to extend your battery life by managing your apps:
  • Notifications - Go to your app settings to turn off unnecessary notifications.
  • Fetch email less frequently - Set your device to check for new emails less often to improve battery life.
  • Delete unused apps and widgets - Shut down or remove apps and widgets you don’t use.
  • Enable Power saver mode - If your device offers them, take advantage of power-saving options that can help when battery life is critical.
  • Disable Auto-update apps - Apps often automatically download updates and install them. Turn auto-update off when you want to conserve battery power.