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Transfer contacts and content between devices

Back up and transfer your contacts, texts, emails, photos, and more from one device to another.


Data transfer options

Before you start to transfer your info, make sure:
  • You have a Wi-Fi® connection.
  • Your device is charged.


First, confirm you have the latest iOS® software version on both of your devices. To make sure:
  1. Go to Settings, then tap General.
  2. Tap Software Update.
  3. If you see Download and Install, download the latest version.
Next, use Apple QuickStart if you’re transferring from iOS to iOS. If you’re moving from Android® to iOS, see the AT&T Mobile Transfer section for detailed steps.


You have some choices when transferring data to a new Android device. If you have:
  • Google Cloud: Tap Start on your new device and sign in to Google Cloud when prompted
  • A Samsung device: Use Smart Switch
  • Any other device: Use AT&T Mobile Transfer-see the AT&T Mobile Transfer section for detailed steps.

AT&T Mobile Transfer

  1. Make sure both devices are compatible with the free AT&T Mobile Transfer app. If they aren’t, learn about about other ways to transfer contacts and content. Compatible devices include:
    • iOS - 8.0 and higher
    • Android - 5.0 and higher
  2. Connect your old device and new device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Download the AT&T Mobile Transfer app on both devices:
  4. Open the AT&T Mobile Transfer app:
    • On your old device: From this device will appear on your screen. Select that button and follow the steps until you see a barcode. You'll use it to make the transfer.
    • On your new device: When To this device shows on your screen, select the button and follow the steps until you see a barcode reader.
  5. Scan the code on your old device with the barcode reader on your new device. This links both devices.
  6. Follow the prompts to transfer your info.

AT&T Personal Cloud

Transfer your contacts, photos, and videos from your iPhone or Android phone.
  1. Sign up and get backup details
  2. Download and transfer back-up info
  3. Get more info about AT&T Personal Cloud
Good to know: If you have AT&T PREPAID, AT&T Personal Cloud only works with the $75 and $85 plans.

Other backup and transfer options

From a basic or feature phone
Learn how to import and export contacts from a basic phone

From a broken device
If your device isn’t usable, remove the SIM card and insert it into a compatible working device or an SD card reader. Then, transfer the info from the SIM card to a computer.

From a lost or stolen device
If your device is lost or stolen, learn about the different ways to find it. If you can't find your device but already backed up your data, check out our interactive Device Support Back up & restore tutorial.

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