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Talk, text, and use data on a cruise

Find out how you can use your phone or tablet on your next cruise.


Things to do when you want to use your device on a cruise

Before you go

  • See which ships and countries we cover. Browse coverage options. View costs at You can choose from cruise options on over 150 select cruise ships.
  • Decide if you also want AT&T International Day Pass® or AT&T Passport® for talk, text, and data use in select countries while you’re on land.
  • Keep in mind that pay-per-use rates apply if you:
    • Don’t have a cruise option on a qualifying ship 
    • Are traveling on a ship that doesn’t qualify for a cruise option
    • Are docked, tendered, or off-ship in a country not covered by a cruise option or a similar plan for international travel
  • Contact our 24/7 international customer care team when you’re ready to add coverage:
    • Chat with us when available
    • Call 800.335.4685 from the U.S.
    • Call +1.314.925.6925 (a free call from your wireless phone) when outside the U.S.

While aboard the ship

  • On-ship cellular networks operate only in international waters. If you see Cellular at Sea, 901-18, or NOR-18 on your device, you're using your international cruise option.
  • Ships must turn off their cellular networks 9-12 nautical miles from shore. 
    • As you approach port, your device will begin to register with foreign land-based networks. 
    • If you use your device while off the ship’s network, you’ll be charged international pay-per-use rates. But you can save if you have International Day Pass, Passport, or a similar plan for international travel.
  • International Day Pass or Passport rates only apply when docked, tendered, or off-ship at a foreign port in an included country.

When you’re off the ship

  • Your cruise option covers you on land in Mexico, Canada, and select Caribbean islands. In other places, international pay-per-use talk, text, and data rates apply. But you can save if you have International Day Pass, Passport, or a similar plan for international travel. 
  • If you also have International Day Pass or Passport on your devices, you’ll be charged those rates instead of the cruise option rates when you’re in:
    • Mexico, Canada, or select Caribbean islands
    • A country covered by International Day Pass or Passport

Learn more about international coverage options at

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