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Find out about Wireless Emergency Alerts

Get warnings and alerts on your mobile device.


What to know about Wireless Emergency Alerts

We send Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) on behalf of federal, state, or local emergency management agencies. These are free notifications that have a special tone and vibration. 

Notice regarding transmission of Wireless Emergency Alerts (Commercial Mobile Alert System):
AT&T Mobility has chosen to offer wireless emergency alerts, including enhanced geo-targeting, within portions of its service area, as defined by the terms and conditions of its service agreement, on Wireless Emergency Alert–capable devices. There is no additional charge for these Wireless Emergency Alerts.

Wireless Emergency Alerts, including enhanced geo-targeting, may not be available on all devices or in the entire service area, or if a subscriber is outside of the AT&T Mobility service area. For details on the availability of this service and Wireless Emergency Alert–capable devices, please ask a sales representative, or go to

Notice required by FCC Rule 47 CFR 10.240 (Commercial Mobile Alert System).

Each WEA broadcasts at a set volume that can’t be changed. These alerts don’t interrupt phone calls, sending emails, or other online transactions. But they may override any blocks you have on your phone, like do not disturb.

If you get a WEA, take any recommended action and check your local media or the National Weather Service for more details.

Alert types

There are 4 types of Wireless Emergency Alerts:
  • Imminent threat alerts warn of severe weather or other disasters that pose a threat to life or property.
  • Public Safety messages prescribe 1 or more actions likely to save lives or safeguard property. They’re related to imminent threats.
  • AMBER alerts notify communities about missing children.
  • Presidential alerts are issued by the U.S. president. You can't opt out of this type of alert.

In addition, these alert types may be received as an Imminent threat or AMBER alert type, depending on the sending agency policy:
  • Silver alerts for missing older adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Blue alerts to help capture violent criminals who kill or seriously wound federal, state, or local law enforcement officers.
  • Endangered Missing Persons alerts for someone missing with an intellectual disability.

Undelivered alerts
Expected to get a WEA but didn't? It could be because:
  • Your phone can't get WEA alerts.
  • You opted out of imminent threat alerts or AMBER alerts.
  • You aren't in an area targeted to get an emergency alert.
  • Your phone was turned off or was in use when the alert was sent.
  • Your phone isn’t running the latest software. Learn how to update it

WEA versions

To find out which phones get WEA alerts, see the phones that can get Wireless Emergency Alerts section.

Wireless Emergency Alerts 1.0

These alerts offer a 90-character, text-only message, including text URLs and phone numbers.

Wireless Emergency Alerts 2.0
WEA 2.0 alerts can be up to 360 characters and include the capabilities of WEA 1.0.

It also supports alerts in Spanish if the agency initiating the alert provides a Spanish version in addition to English. To get a Spanish alert along with an English alert, select your preferred language to Spanish or enable the Spanish Alert option under WEA setting menu.

WEA 2.0 supports all alert types, plus state or local test messages initiated by state and local emergency managers to test the WEA system to members of the public.

Wireless Emergency Alerts 3.0
WEA 3.0 provides enhanced geographic targeting, so you’ll only get an alert if you’re in an impacted area specified by the emergency alert originator. It uses the location capabilities of your mobile device, along with the impacted area in the WEA alert, to determine if you’re in the impacted area. In some circumstances, such as your device location can’t be determined, you may get the alert outside the impacted area.

WEA 3.0 also includes the capabilities of WEA 1.0 and 2.0.

Phones that get Wireless Emergency Alerts

WEA-capable phones show this logo on packaging and instruction manuals.

Wireless Emergency Alerts Capable Logo

Most smartphones and feature phones released in the last few years are WEA-capable. If your phone is WEA-capable, make sure you install the latest software to use the feature. Go to from your phone or tablet to see available software updates.

Check out this table to learn which WEA-capable phones we offer. Also, discover what WEA version the phone uses, and if you can click on a link to get more info (see the column labeled URL clickable).

AT&T WEA-capable smartphones   (Last update: May 21, 2021)
ManufacturerModelURL clickableWEA 1.0
WEA 2.0WEA 3.0

510A X  
817A X  
C1 X  
Acquire X  
Acquire+ PREPAID X  
Apollo (Lite) X  
Aspire X  
Astra X  
AT&T Cingular Flip 2XX  
Idol3 X  
Idol4 CricketXX  
AppleiPhone 4s X  
iPhone 5 X  
iPhone 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, XXXX 
iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE(2nd), 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro MaxXXXX
ASUSPadFone X, PadFone X mini X  
ZenFone 2E X  
AT&T Calypso 2XXXX
AT&T MaestroXXX 
AT&T Maestro PlusXXXX
AT&T MotivateXXXX
AT&T Motivate 2XXXX
BlackBerryBold 9900 X  
Curve 9360 X  
Torch 9810, 9860 X  
GooglePixel 4, 4 XLXXXX
Pixel 4a (5G)XXXX
Pixel 5XXXX
Pixel 6, 6 XLXXXX
HTCDesire 610, 626, Eye X  
One M8, M9, Mini M4 X  
HuaweiFusion 2, 3 X  
KyoceraDuraXE X  
DuraForce X  
DuraForce PROXX  
DuraForce Pro2XXX 
DuraForce XD X  
Hydro AIR X  
Hydro SHORE  X  
LGArena 2/Prime 2 XX X 
Escape 2 X  
G Flex, Flex 2 X  
G Vista 2 X  
G2 X  
G3, G3 Vigor X  
G4 X  
G8x ThinQXXX 
Optimus G Pro X  
Phoenix 2, 3XX  
Phoenix 4XXX 
Phoenix 5XXXX
Sport X  
Stylo 4+XXX 
Stylo 5+XXX 
Urbane X  
V10 X  
V35 Thin QXXX 
V40 Thin QXXX 
V60 Thin QXXXX
X VentureXXX 
Xpression PlusXX  
Xpression Plus 2XXX 
Xpression Plus 3XXXX
MotorolaAtrix 2 X  
Moto E 2nd Gen X  
Moto G X  
Moto G PlayXXXX
Moto g Stylus 5GXXXX
Moto G6 PlayXXX 
Moto G7 PlayXXXX
Moto X, X+1XX  
Moto Z2 Force Edition X  
Nexus 6XX  
Moto E5 playXX  
Moto One 5GXXXX
Moto One 5G AceXXXX
Moto RazrXXXX
NokiaLumia 520 X  
Lumia 635, 640, 640 XL X  
Lumia 820, 830 X  
Lumia 920, 925, 950 X  
Lumia 1020 X  
Lumia 1520 X  
Nokia 3.1AXXX 
RazerRazer Phone 2XXX 
RedHydrogen OneXX  
SamsungATIV S Neo X  
Captivate Glide X  
Galaxy Alpha X  
Galaxy Appeal X  
Galaxy Express 3 X  
Galaxy Express Prime, Prime 2XX  
Galaxy GlideXX  
Galaxy Halo X  
Galaxy Mega, Mega 2 X  
Galaxy Note 3 X  
Galaxy Note 4, Note 4 Edge X  
Galaxy Note 5 X  
Galaxy Note 8XX  
Galaxy Note 9XXX 
Galaxy Note 10, 10+XXXX
Galaxy Note10+ 5GXXXX
Galaxy Note20 5G, Note20 UltraXXXX
Galaxy S2 X  
Galaxy S3 Mini X  
Galaxy S4, S4 Active, S4 Mini, S4 Zoom X  
Galaxy S5, S5 Active, S5 Mini X  
Galaxy S6, S6 Active, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus X  
Galaxy S7, S7 Active, S7 EdgeXX  
Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 ActiveXX  
Galaxy S9, S9+XXX 
Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, S10 5GXXXX
Gear S2 X  
Gear S3 X  
Gear S4XX  
Galaxy WatchXX  
Galaxy Watch Active 2XXX 
Galaxy Watch Active4 40MM, 44MMXXXX
Galaxy Watch3 41MM, 45MMXXX 
Galaxy Watch4 42MM, 46MMXXXX
Rugby 4 X  
Galaxy A01XXX 
Galaxy A02XXXX
Galaxy A6XXX 
Galaxy A10XXX 
Galaxy A11XXXX
Galaxy A12XXXX
Galaxy A13XXXX
Galaxy A32 5GXXXX
Galaxy A50XXX 
Galaxy A51XXXX
Galaxy A51 5GXXXX
Galaxy A52 5GXXXX
Galaxy A71XXXX
Galaxy A71 5GXXXX
Galaxy J2 Core, J3, J7XX  
Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, FEXXXX
Galaxy S21 5G, S21+ 5G, S21 Ultra 5GXXXX
Galaxy Z-FlipXXXX
Galaxy Z Flip 5GXXXX
Galaxy Z Flip3 5GXXXX
Galaxy Z FoldXXXX
Galaxy Z Fold2 5GXXXX
Galaxy Z Fold3 5GXXXX
XCover Field ProXXX 
XCover ProXXXX
XP5 X  
XP6 X  
XP7 X  
Avail 2 Z992 X  
Blade SparkXX  
Maven 2 X  
Maven 3XX  
Maven Z812 PREPAID X  
Z667, Z740, Z830, Z998 X  
ZMAX 2 X  

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