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Upgrade your smartphone early

You don’t have to wait to get that new smartphone.


What to know before you upgrade

You can trade-in your phone and upgrade early. For the AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up℠, just pay 50% of the smartphone’s price and have an active AT&T Next Up℠ feature to upgrade early.

Good to know:

  • A trade-in and upgrade requires a minimum of 30-90 days on installment. The number of days depends on credit and other factors. Your account must be in good standing and your smartphone must be in good physical and fully functional condition when you trade it in. Also, you must buy a new smartphone on an installment plan with qualified wireless service. 
  • AT&T Installment Plan isn’t trade-in eligible. However, you can pay off your installment balance and then upgrade. Your old device is yours to keep. Find out how to pay off your installment balance.
  • If you choose a 5G phone but aren't on an AT&T Unlimited EliteSM, ExtraSM, or StarterSM plan, switch to an unlimited plan where all plans have 5G access1. View unlimited plans
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How to upgrade early

  1. Go to Upgrade your device (we’ll ask you to sign in).
  2. Check the eligibility status for the device you want to upgrade. If you see:
    • Payments remaining: Your installment plan has a balance on it. Select a payment option and follow the prompts to pay.
    • Anything else: You’re all set. Check the box to continue.
  3. Choose your new smartphone and check out.
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Keeping your current wireless plan

You can keep your wireless plan even if we don't offer it anymore. But, if you change your plan or data amount, you’ll have to choose one of our current plans. Keep in mind, if you switch plans, you won’t be able to get it back later. Plus, if you choose a 5G phone you'll want to pair it with a wireless plan that includes 5G network access1

Check out our latest plans

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