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How to use AT&T Messages Backup & Sync

Activate AT&T Messages Backup & Sync on a smartphone
On supported smartphones, the messaging app also includes AT&T Messages Backup & Sync. When you first open the messaging app on a supported smartphone, you’ll get the option to use AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.
You can also opt in anytime from the messaging app. Simply select Settings, then AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.

Get bill info for messaging and data usage
There’s no monthly recurring charge to use AT&T Messages Backup & Sync:
  • Your messaging plan rates apply for all messages you send and receive. There’s no extra per-message charge for message backup.
  • If you opt in, we’ll automatically copy all messages you send or receive to the cloud at no extra cost.

Data charges may apply when you sync your messages to the cloud, including:
  • The first time you sync messages between your smartphone and the cloud
  • Ongoing syncing of read and delete status between your phone and the cloud
  • When messages are delivered to your smartphone from a tablet
You won’t incur data charges for messages synced while you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Connect internationally with AT&T Messages Backup & Sync
You can use AT&T Messages Backup & Sync when you travel abroad. International message and data plan rates apply. Go to to learn more about international options.

Troubleshooting information

Send and receive messages from your tablet
You can view, send, or receive messages using your mobile number. Just download the AT&T Messages for Tablet app for Android tablets.

Recover messages after you change smartphones
You can recover messages if AT&T Messages Backup and Sync was active on your previous smartphone. Just make sure your new or upgraded smartphone supports AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.

To download messages stored in the AT&T cloud: From AT&T Messages Backup & Sync, select Settings, then AT&T Messages Backup & Sync to sync messages to your new smartphone.

If you delete messages from your device, they’ll also be deleted from the cloud. You can't recover deleted messages using AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.

Received ineligible account notification
If you get a message stating you're not eligible to use AT&T Messages Backup & Sync, it may be because:
  • AT&T PREPAIDSM is ineligible.
  • You have a past due balance. Once you pay it, you can start using AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.
  • You may have message blocking active on your account.
  • Your employer pays your account. If so, you may not be able to use AT&T Messages.

Last updated: December 7, 2022

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