Manage AT&T marketing messages

You can choose how you want to receive marketing messages from us; or, you can choose to opt out of AT&T marketing messages.

Email, text message, and mail solicitation policy

We maintain a list of customers who do not want to receive any marketing messages from us – whether by email, text, or mail. We exclude these customers from receiving marketing campaign messages.

From time to time, we send out transactional or informational communications such as order or payment confirmations, billing information, customer service surveys, or other service-related issues. If you have opted out of receiving marketing messages, you’ll still get these transactional messages.

Update your marketing preferences

To stop text message marketing

If you don’t want to receive marketing text messages from us, just reply STOP in the message thread. We’ll stop sending any more marketing text messages.

To opt-out of email marketing

Choose the Update your email preferences link at the bottom of an email from us. From there, you can choose the products for which you want marketing messages. Or, you can unsubscribe from all marketing messages.

For more information, please visit

Important details

  • Remember, changes you make to your marketing profile will not affect your ability to get account-related notices, such as payment confirmations.
  • We generally update your email marketing profile within 24 hours of receiving your preferences. Please allow up to ten days for us to stop sending new promotions to you after you opted out of marketing messages, or if you have opted in, to receive pre-scheduled marketing messages.
  • We maintain your U.S. postal mail request for three years. If you move, you’ll have to give us your new info so we don't unknowingly send mail to you.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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