Change your wireless number

Want a new wireless number? Learn how to get one without affecting your installment plan or contract.

What to know before you change your number

  • Within 30 days of activation, you can change your wireless number for free. Head to your local AT&T store or contact us to get started.
  • Activated your service more than 30 days ago? There’s a $36 change fee. You can request the change online through myAT&T, at an AT&T store, or by contacting us.

Have AT&T Prepaid®? Learn how to change your number

How to change your wireless number online

Good to know: When you change numbers, your voicemail changes too. We can’t transfer your messages, so be sure to write down any important messages before you switch. 

How to change your wireless number:

  1. Log in to your myAT&T account overview.
  2. Scroll to Manage wireless and select the device you want to change the number for.
  3. Choose My wireless device options, then Change my number.

We'll prorate your monthly service charge between your old and new numbers.

What to do after you get your new number

  • Share your new wireless number with people you want to have it. Anyone calling your old number will get a message that it isn’t a working number.
  • Create a new voicemail greeting.
  • Have an iPhone®? Sync your device with your Apple ID if you want to use Visual Voicemail.
  • Update the wireless number for your user ID.
  • Learn how to update your marketing and privacy choices.
  • Update your number in TXT-2-PAY, if you use it.
Last updated: October 24, 2023

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