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Return defective device after warranty exchange

After receiving your warranty exchange, return the defective device within 10 days to avoid additional charges.


Prepare your return

  • Backup your personal data by transferring media to a computer.
  • Remove your personal data by resetting your device
  • Keep all removable parts (battery, battery cover, SIM tray, or stylus) of your defective device.
  • If your device doesn't have a removable battery and back cover, please return the entire device.
  • Remove any SIM or memory cards.
  • Check for signs of physical or liquid damage that voids the warranty on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.
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Pack and mail device

  1. Return the defective device within 10 days of receiving your replacement device.
  2. If you don't return the defective device in time, you're billed for the full value of the replacement device.
  3. Use the enclosed shipping materials to pack and mail the defective device.
  4. If you can't locate the prepaid return shipping label, contact us.
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Defective device return accepted

We won't return your defective device to you once accepted for the exchange. The warranty exchange is complete once:
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