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Return defective device and set up a replacement device

Learn how to return the defective device within 10 days to avoid a non-return fee. Plus, find out how to activate the warranty replacement device.


Activate your replacement device and prepare your return

Before you return your defective device

Make sure you:

Set up and activate your replacement device

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Move the SIM card from your defective device to your replacement device
    • Insert the new SIM card if one came with your replacement device
  2. Follow these steps to finish activating your SIM card.
Heads up: Be sure to return the defective device to us within 10 days of receiving your warranty replacement device.

Pack and return defective device

When you get your replacement device

Your replacement package includes return shipping materials so you can send us your defective device. If you can't locate the prepaid return shipping label, contact us.

What happens if you don’t return your defective device in time

If you have:
  • AT&T Wireless: We’ll bill you the full replacement value for the device.
  • AT&T PREPAIDSM: We won’t credit your card for the return.

Find out what happens after you return your defective device

When we get your return package
  • We’ll check your device for warranty eligibility. If the device has liquid or physical damage, we’ll bill you the full replacement value for the device.
  • For AT&T PREPAID, if it qualifies for an exchange, we’ll credit your credit or debit card the full replacement value for the device. It can take up to two weeks after we receive your device for us to credit your card.
Keep in mind
We won't return your defective device to you once accepted for the exchange. The warranty exchange is complete once you receive your replacement device and we accept your defective device.

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