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Get details about Rollover Minutes offered with legacy AT&T FamilyTalk and Nation plans.

Information about Rollover Minutes

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Know your wireless plan
Rollover Minutes are unused Anytime Minutes that carry over from month to month for up to 12 billing periods. Anytime Minutes are included with legacy rate plans AT&T FamilyTalk and AT&T Nation. These legacy plans are no longer offered.

Sign in to view your Rollover Minutes
If you are on a wireless plan that includes Rollover Minutes, you can sign in to view your available Rollover Minutes. You’ll find Rollover Minutes in the section under your plan name. Refer to Viewing your Rollover Minutes to learn more.


  • Rollover Minutes accumulate when you use fewer Anytime Minutes than your plan includes.
    Example: If you have a plan that includes 1,500 Anytime Minutes, and one month you only use 700 Anytime Minutes, you will accumulate 800 Rollover Minutes.
  • Nights & Weekend and Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes do not roll over.
  • Rollover Minutes begin accumulating at the end of your second billing period.
  • Rollover Minutes will continue to accumulate while in customer requested suspend status or non-pay suspend status. However, Rollover Minutes will not accumulate on Reduced Rate or Military suspend solutions.

Rollover Minutes are used only after other minutes have been depleted for the billing cycle.

Example: If you have a plan that includes 1,500 Anytime Minutes, and one month you use 2,000 Anytime Minutes, the excess of 500 minutes will be deducted from your accumulated Rollover Minutes.

  • Unused Rollover Minutes expire after 12 billing periods.
    Example: Rollover Minutes you accumulate this August must be used by next August, or they will expire.
  • Rollover Minutes can not be used for International minutes.
  • Rollover Minutes are not transferrable or redeemable for cash or credits.
  • If your account is suspended, your current Rollover Minutes continue to age, so any Rollover Minutes that are not used with 12 billing periods will expire.

Additional information

How plan changes affect Rollover Minutes
  • If you add another subscriber to your FamilyTalk plan, any Rollover Minutes in excess of the Anytime Minutes included in your new plan (for all lines) will expire.
  • All Rollover Minutes will expire if you change to a plan that isn’t eligible for Rollover.
  • All Rollover Minutes will expire if you change to a Military plan.
  • All Rollover Minutes will expire if you switch to another wireless provider.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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