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Enjoy internet on the go with AT&T PREPAID

Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices with a mobile hotspot powered by AT&T PREPAID.


What to know about mobile hotspots

Want a mobile hotspot with the convenience of AT&T PREPAIDSM when you’re out and about? Connect your Wi-Fi® devices to your eligible hotspot-enabled device. It’s a win-win, Wi-Fi with pay-as-you-go convenience and no annual contract or credit check.1

To get started, choose a data amount. You can:
  • Renew your service as often as you like for up to 1 year after your plan ends (plans expire in 30 days).
  • Add more data in 1GB increments. Keep in mind:
    • Tablets must be compatible with our network and use 1 of our SIM cards.  
    • Plans include Stream Saver®. It helps you save data by streaming higher-definition video at standard-definition quality (similar to DVD quality, about 480p).2 Check out for more info.
Good to know:
  • Unused data doesn’t roll over. If you add money to your account before your current balance expires, your data balance carries over to the new expiration date.
  • You can sign up for AutoPay, but these plans aren’t eligible for the AutoPay discount.

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