Buying guide: Foldable cell phones 2023

It seems that folding phones are suddenly the new hot thing everywhere you turn. But are they any good? Or are they just a gimmick? In this buying guide, we’ll cover some of the latest folding cell phone models, explain the benefits of these new devices, and give you a better idea of what to expect regarding pricing and performance.

Does AT&T sell foldable phones?

AT&T sells six foldable cellphones. Three from Samsung, two from Motorola, and one from Google. 
See the foldable phones AT&T carries, or explore each device to learn about the key features that matter most for your needs. You’ll find device specs like camera quality, video performance, and battery capacity. You can explore each device individually, or compare up to three of them side-by-side to see how they stack up to each other. And if you want to hold them in person to gauge the weight and feel, find your local AT&T store and swing by.  

Are there different styles of foldable phones?

It’s important to remember there are two styles of foldable phones. Foldable phones that unfold into a tablet—are sometimes referred to as “hybrids” because of the additional screen size that’s somewhere between a tablet and a regular cellphone. And then there are the flip-style foldable phones—which flip inward to become more compact and small.  

Is there a difference between fold and flip?

There are two styles or types of foldable phones, fold and flip.  

  • Foldable phones fold sideways vertically, and when unfolded, they function like a tablet. 
  • Flip-style foldable phones flip inward horizontally to become more compact and small.  

What are the advantages of foldable phones?

Some of the advantages of foldable phones may surprise you.  

Multitasking and productivity: Foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Google Pixel Fold, have a screen that folds along the midline. As the phone unfolds into a tablet, you get the added real estate from the larger display—an ideal feature for those who need to use the device to do two things simultaneously. You can use it, for example, for taking notes during a meeting. Or for watching movies and shows or even play video games.

Portability: Foldable phones are easy to stuff in your pocket or a pocketbook. But you get more screen space when you flip or fold them open. If this is what you’re seeking, then check out Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4Motorola razr+, or Motorola razr – 2023

Design: It’s hard to deny the cool factor of having a unique phone that most of your friends and family don’t yet own. If you’re into the latest devices or want to stand out from the crowd, a foldable phone may be in the cards.  

Nostalgia: Unless you were born yesterday, the flip phone is a feeling many of us are nostalgic for. If you had a cellphone in the early 2000s you probably had a flip phone. Is there a better feeling than flipping a phone when you hang up? Hard to beat. If you’re looking for a flip-style foldable phone consider these options: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4Galaxy Z Flip 5motorola’s razr+, and motorola razr- 2023